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Passionate chefs and kitchen enthusiasts

Bouter does not just give you what you ask for. On the contrary: together with you we will find the institutional kitchen of your dreams. To us, delivering your kitchen is only the start of our collaboration. That long-term relationship manifests itself in a kitchen that provides (corporate) pleasure, even in the long run. An institutional kitchen that helps boost your business.

Jeanot Knols

Commercial Director

Sjaak Storm

Financieel Directeur

Richard van Vugt

Operational Director

Linda de Niet

Manager Sales

Antal van Dillen

Director Key Accounts / Armed Forces

Yvo Berendsen

Account manager Food industry

Antonio Ruiz

Project consultant

Lejo van Dijk

Project consultant

Rob van Winden

Project consultant

Perry van Gestel

Project consultant

Shirin Nejad

Account manager Hotel industry

Michiel Verschuur

Project consultant Catering / Healthcare

Elco de Jong

Account manager Leisure / Petrol

Huub Lubbers

Project consultant Education

Paul ten Hoopen

Account manager Healthcare

Danny Verschelden

Project consultant Healthcare / Shipping / DEF1

Hans van der Schaaf

Project consultant

Winand van der Wees

Account manager Shipping industry

Jasper Meijer

Backoffice Sales loose equipment

Vincent Chan

Backoffice Sales loose equipment

Rowena Bruins

Lead manager